Learn the subtle art of seducing your clients into legendary wellbeing.

Join the only coaching program that

transforms you before you transform your clients.

What people think they need

Over the years, we have coached thousands of clients. We noticed that most of them come to us asking for the same things: to fix their relationships, gain self-esteem, get rid of anxiety, or heal their trauma.

These issues are often addressed by gurus and are omnipresent in self-help books, with conversations on such topics usually being shallow.
Do you want to go deeper?

What people really need…

  • Nobody needs confidence
  • Nobody needs high self-esteem
  • Nobody needs to get rid of anxiety
We want a life those things can lead to – a life beyond them.

And we completely misunderstand what exactly we need to do for ourselves to have a life worth living.

What everyone deserves…

As Metacognitive Coaches, we believe that every human being deserves 
an unstoppable tranquil mind. 

As a leader, professional, father or mother at home, teenager or retired warrior, an athlete or someone with a handicap, you deserve an unstoppable tranquil mind (hint: this is not about meditation).

The litmus test

The only way to test whether you have an unstoppable tranquil mind is by asking yourself whether you get what you want to have in your life.

Especially if you are
a coach or want to be one, ask yourself:

  • Do you have what you promise your clients will get?
  • If you promise success, do you have it yourself?
  • If you promise a strong and fit body, can you show yours?
  • ​If you promise a deep and loving relationship, can yours serve as an example?
Most coaches support a game where "the coach doesn't have to be a good athlete to help someone become a good athlete."

But such a game is a convenient lie.
If you had an unstoppable tranquil mind,
your life would be an example of what is possible for everyone.

But that is ok.

We all need to start from somewhere…

By learning how

to rewire other humans' brains, you will rewire yours.
Your life as an MCP (Metacognitive Programming) coach will serve as an example of what is truly possible for anyone who hires you.
Become a highly skilled certified MCP coach.

Accelerate your income

In the recent study we did among 470 certified MCP coaches:



earning $5K or more per month
within 12 months after certification



paying off 50% of the cost of the program through newly acquired coaching skills before the certification



they did not have a prior
experience in coaching or counseling



they would recommend the MCP
certification program to a friend


per hour

average session fee after the program completion



minimal coaching package



the average number of paid sessions during the program


of students

started their practice after two months of training


of coaches

of coaches did not pass the coaching certification for the first time


of coaches

of coaches did not pass the coaching certification for the second time

Evidence-based coaching instead of esoterics

The MCP approach is evidence-based and data-driven. Our approach adheres to methodologies and theories that Health Canada recognized as evidence-based and effective.

Learn more about the legislation that governs our activities, click here for more details.

MCP stages

Every client (coaches included) needs to go through 3 stages of MCP in order to build a legendary life.


There is no progress without stability. If your finances, health, or relationships are in bad shape, you cannot go forward before making these stable.


Our minds are often confused by the past shadows or imaginable future threats. A clear mind is calm and quiet. A clear mind thinks clearly and effectively. MCP coach will help you let go of confusion through non-meditative interventions.


Many believe that strong identities require big egos. In MCP, identity development starts once you surpass your ego. By surpassing the ego, you develop an unstoppable mind.

MCP skills

  • WE WORK THROUGH a coaching triangle that requires a coach to have skills in coaching, training, and teaching
  • WE DO NOT BELIEVE in coaching as facilitation through questions.
  • WE BELIEVE that the only way to give someone unstoppable tranquility is by turning this person into a mental athlete. 
Metacognitive programming is about training a client never to believe in any thought again but nevertheless to love all of them. 
Metacognitive programming is a science of exponential liberation from the mind.

It is practice that matters

We do not teach these skills at the theoretical level, because you will not be paid for theoretical knowledge. If you are not able to create a wow effect for your client right from the start, it doesn’t matter how much of good theory you have in your head.
You will learn to deal with 80% of all human problems and immerse yourself in our philosophy of human experience.

First module:

Teaching basic coaching skills. We will teach you how to structure your sessions, lead your clients from session to session for 3, 6, or more months, and what documents you should sign with them. Last but not least, we will teach you how to sell your coaching.

Second, third and fourth modules:

You will learn and practice metacognitive programming. As all our certified coaches, you will become able to work on thinking, emotions, and behavior modification. You`ll start understanding your clients and their issues on a whole new level. And we do not exaggerate when we say this.
By the time you graduate, you will have 200+ hours of practical experience.
This is how we will work for 6 months:
  • Weekly 1.5-hour lessons with Mikhail Saidov - weekly sessions will be live, but recordings will be added to your personal account, so you can watch them at any time 
  • Weekly 1.5-hour practice groups - you'll practice skills with your peers and your supervisor
  • Personal coaching sessions - twice a month for 50 minutes
  • ​Special marketing bonuses: 4 online lessons on the most important marketing topics and meeting with a prominent marketer once a month

By the end of the program,

you will feel like you have gained four years of personal development, even though the training took only six month.
That is why you should
attend an interview before you can join it
  • ​Every third interview ends up with admission to the program
  • ​We want to make sure that every participant in the program is surrounded by brilliant people
  • ​You will build friendships for life
  • ​We personally select those who will accompany you during the program
  • ​This is a case interview and all we want is to see how you think
  • ​You will get an answer right at the end of the interview

Misha Saidov

  • ​Author / Entrepreneur / MCP Master Coach Instructor / Psychotherapist
  • Founded Coaching Solutions Inc that conducts 4000 coaching sessions per week and employs 75 coaches and psychotherapists
  • ​Formulated MCP (™) - Metacognitive Programming
  • ​Founder of IMCP (Institute of Metacognitive Programming)
  • ​Certified 500+ coaches
  • ​Over 50,000 students worldwide
Meet your guide

Misha Saidov

  • ​Author / Entrepreneur / MCP Master Coach Instructor / Psychotherapist
  • Founded Coaching Solutions Inc that conducts 4000 coaching sessions per month and employs 75 coaches and psychotherapists
  • ​The author of bestsellers "Diary of effectiveness" and "Talks that change lives"
  • ​Formulated MCP (™) - Metacognitive Programming
  • ​Founder of IMCP (Institute of Metacognitive Programming)
  • Graduate of the University of York (Toronto, Canada) and the Institute of Beck (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • ​Over 50,000 students worldwide

What clients are saying

— Masha Liashenko
The Exponent eliminates three main obstacles on your way to getting clients: 
  • not being confident in the method
  • ​not being confident in your own mastery
  • ​being scared of the failure
— Nadezhda Kutolkina
I started with only one client and charged $25 per session.

After six months, the price rose to $2000 for my three-month package.
 Lilia Shapiro
What happened to me during the Exponent? I was entering Exponent twice. The first time, carefully, on tiptoe, as if I were stepping into the ice-cold water. But I left soon, frightened by the program's scale. The second time, I flew into the program only a few hours before the deadline, diving headlong after a powerful kick from my mentor coach. I set a goal for myself: to earn back what I invested in education and save the same amount for the future.

Now, having gone a step further from the start of the Exponent, I thank myself for that step. Yes, I earned back what I invested in the program, plus invested the same amount into my future practice. What I planned to achieve in 5 years has already begun: I am expanding my coaching practice now, creating my "before you give birth" course, and preparing a transformational coaching program for burnt-out and tired mothers.

Life has accelerated exponentially. I devoted myself and started working and achieving much more than a year ago. The focus became accurate as it never was before.

The three words that best describe what happened in the program are the scale, the depth, and the state. I've finally understood that EVERYTHING I need IS already WITHIN ME. It is impossible to lose yourself, as it's impossible to lose love, understanding, freedom, and faith. It's impossible to stay the same. Instead of emotional ruin, you can live in calm joy. I rebuilt myself. And now I help others do the same.

Another great value of the Exponent is PEOPLE. Despite being thousands of kilometers from one another, we became a family. We cried and celebrated together. We shared meaningful moments - births and marriages (ours and those of our kids). We grew together, grieved, and accompanied each other. There was always someone to be there for you, to support you with heart and soul. Together we were vulnerable but also fiercely brave and gigantically strong. The Exponent community is the one building a different, exponential future. And I'm lucky to be a part of it.

 Artem Pavlychev
By the end of 2020, my business had reached the ceiling. I felt trapped. The old no longer drove me, and where to go next was not clear either. I knew I had to change something but didn't quite understand what. I searched for myself but was afraid to "put all my eggs in the same basket." The Exponent was a leap into the abyss. It was scary, but I kept going anyway. Soon I realized that this is the type of program that can take you where you want to go. When I entered the program, I had no idea what kind of scale-up was waiting for me.

The transformation turned out to be so fast and deep that it blew my mind several times. During the training, you have no time for doubts. You fly so fast that you can only congratulate yourself for doing a great job. There is no time to waste on anything else. As a result, I received clarity, calmness, and confidence that I'll carry with me for life.

I quit my job and started an online business. I now do what I love, standing firm on my feet. My personal life, including my relationships with family and friends, was also transformed.

In 8 months, I have done for myself more than I managed to do in the past 30+ years.
If you are tired of trying and want to see the results in the shortest possible time - the Exponent should be your choice. Highly recommended!

 Polina Maychrovich
What the Exponent gave me..

The Exponent helped me reveal the truth about myself. It helped me search for myself, thereby providing solutions to many of my issues: unsatisfying relationships, prolonged depression, and starting my own business. The Exponent taught me to be my own greatest support and always believe in myself. Now my lifestyle includes taking care of my most important client - myself! Coaching takes place every day of my life.

I realized that it is impossible to lose freedom, love, faith, wisdom. When you find your values ​​the way the Exponent teaches, they germinate in your DNA and become a compass that guides you through any trials. And these trials become an experience that you meet with an open heart and a smile.

I create my own business. I've learned to be productive and feel good, regardless of the situation. To walk despite being afraid. I've learned not to fall into the pit of inaction and impotence. To believe in me and search for resources everywhere. To maintain focus and energy.

And yes. I look and feel better than I did ten years ago. I have more energy. I am happy with the relationships I have with people and the world.
The most important thing is that I live life by my own design, believing that any idea can translate into action. And as I move forward, I see: this idea is not the limit. And this movement rebuilds the whole world around. And it is a safe place.
Thanks a lot!


What lessons will be included in the marketing bonus?
The marketing bonus consists of 4 online lessons on the most important marketing topics:
1. Introduction - Constraint Systems Theory for online business. In this lesson, you will learn:
  • The 5 key processes that make up any online business
  • What are the two problems you will encounter when you are starting your business and how to solve them
  • To identify the "bottleneck" that does not allow your project to grow
2. Your role model. In this lesson, you will learn:
  • What are the 8 main criteria for analyzing your role model, and how to apply each one
3. The perfect avatar. In this lesson, you will learn:
  • Which 7 blocks of questions you should ask your ideal client to understand the client's needs
  • At what stage can you enter into a dialogue with the audience to offer your product
  • ​How to get the maximum amount of data for advertising and promotion through a set of simple questions
4. The fundamental principles of creating a product. In this lesson, you will learn:
  • How to create products that cannot be compared to anything
  • 9 Think Meta product design principles
  • ​A 4-step algorithm for creating a company philosophy
How do I know this program is right for me?
The program we designed is suitable for those who intend to start a career in coaching and for certified coaches who wish to learn the method of working with the MCP mindset. You don't need an educational background in psychology to be eligible for the program.

All those who want to heighten their awareness, train their mindset and build a different life for themselves and others are welcome to join us!
I have almost no free time. How much time should I devote to studying?
Classes are held twice a week and last 60-90 minutes each. In total, you need 5 hours a week for online learning.
Can I work immediately after the program is completed?
If you are already a practicing coach, we recommend you to start applying the acquired knowledge while working with your clients immediately. Aspiring coaches can start working with clients after the second month of studying.
What is the income I can expect after the end of the program?
The one-hour fee of the MCP coach after the program completion is $150. The cost of the minimum coaching package is $1000.
47% of the Exponent graduates earn $5,000+ per month a year after being certified.
What tools will be provided during the program, and how will we practice them? Is this just a theoretical course?
The Exponent is a practical course. We will provide you the transformational coaching tools, and you will have to start holding the sessions already during the learning process.

The practical work is mostly done through weekly training and supervision in groups with mentor-coaches.
You say the Exponent is a certification program. What kind of certificate do you issue?
After successfully passing the certification exam and attestation, you will receive a certificate from the IMCP.
Do I have to be educated in psychology to start the program?
The material we provide is comprehensive enough and is different from anything one could've been taught earlier. Thus, whether you have psychological or coaching background does not matter much. In fact, it doesn't matter at all.
How will online meetings be held? Where? How often?
There will be online group meetings with a master coach every week. We use the zoom.us service for such meetings, as the program is easy to install on both computers and smartphones. Those unable to join us live will have the recordings in their personal account.
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